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Lynne Barton, Proprietor

Inglewood was a family residence when Lynne and her husband Jim acquired the property in 1986. They transformed the building with great sensitivity retaining many of the Victorian features and character of the home. In 1987 doors opened for the first time to residents. Lynne and Jim have always lived in an apartment above the home. The facilities offered at Inglewood have changed considerably over time, Jim's life-long experience in the construction industry proving invaluable to the growth of the home. However,over 30 years later, one thing remains the same as when the doors first opened...

"It's amazing how Inglewood has grown over the years but one thing that has never changed is our lovely, homely atmosphere. Residents and family tell us that they love our friendly, family environment and that is something we are really proud of".

Lynne Barton

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