Inglewood Care Home

Welcome to Inglewood

Inglewood is a handsome period property with tasteful modern additions and delightful mature grounds. The home is adjacent to Lyme Park and a five-minute drive to Disley village. Although we are pleasantly situated in a quiet lane, we are close to the main A6 road with bus stops to both Stockport and Buxton. 

There is a train station in Disley. We offer residential and specialist dementia care in individual accommodation for 21 older people and are registered with and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We welcome residents who are self-funding or funded either in part, or wholly, by the local authority.

What makes us different


Caring for our older loved ones requires a thoughtful and compassionate approach. Understanding their unique needs and challenges is fundamental in ensuring they receive the care they deserve. At Inglewood every aspect of care is considered carefully, and continually monitored and reviewed. Providing emotional support and companionship; treating people with respect, empathy, and dignity are recognised as being essential in optimising quality of life, contentment and well-being. By listening to their needs and preferences, involving them in decision-making, and acknowledging their contributions and value to society, we can ensure they feel appreciated and, crucially, at home. An holistic approach to caring for our residents has illustrated that this focus on the individual improves and enhances their quality of life.


Hospitality and companionship are valued aspects of life at Inglewood. Friends and relatives of residents are warmly welcomed, and staff assist in offering hospitality on behalf of the resident. Showing kindness, respect and warmth to residents and the people in their lives makes a significant difference to residents’ emotional well-being. As we age, our bodies undergo a multitude of changes that require a range of nutrients to maintain optimal health and well-being. This is especially true for our residents, as their physical and mental states may present additional challenges. To ensure that they receive the necessary nutrients we provide a balanced and varied menu that accommodates their dietary needs and preferences and is delicious and visually appealing. Monitoring diets and changes in appetite also helps to identify any deficiencies or concerns, enabling diets to be adjusted accordingly. Our kitchen is always open, and hospitality is warmly offered as and when residents wish.


We adopt an holistic approach that encompasses not only an individual’s physical health but also their emotional and social well-being. By acknowledging their contributions to society, listening to their needs and preferences, and treating them with respect and dignity, we can help our residents to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Activities and human interactions that bring joy and satisfaction are essential to overall well-being.  Participating in social events, pursuing hobbies or interests and spending time with family and friends are vital to our quality of life, and help to mitigate any effects of loneliness and isolation that can come with aging. We create a positive and supportive environment that can help alleviate stress and promote happiness, for staff and residents, contributing to a warm and joyous atmosphere.

Meet the owners

Inglewood was a family residence when Lynne and her husband Jim Barton acquired the property in 1986. They transformed the building with great sensitivity retaining many of the Victorian features and character of the home. In 1987 doors opened for the first time to residents. Lynne and Jim have always lived in an apartment above the home. The environment and facilities offered at Inglewood have changed considerably over time with Jim’s extensive experience in the construction industry proving invaluable to the growth of the home.

At Inglewood Residential Care Home our residents enjoy a homely atmosphere within a family environment. We encourage them to live their lives as they wish, enjoying the independence of which they are capable, whilst receiving the support that they may need. Family and friends are welcome to visit at any time and refreshments are always freely available.

Lynne and Jim Barton have owned and operated Inglewood for over 35 years. Lynne is also the Registered Manager and is justifiably proud of the team at Inglewood, and their commitment to providing excellent care. Alice Brooks, Deputy Manager, has spent her working life at Inglewood from part time Carer whilst at college, to Deputy Manager after gaining her Nursing degree. Dave Whitfield, General Manager,  maintain and improve methods of operation, and ensures quality, compliance and best practice across all areas of the business; suggesting areas for investment such as the implementation of care management software. The support of Assistant Managers, Team Leaders, Carers, Catering, Maintenance and Domestic staff ensures a cohesive and happy team.